Final Review

CLASS MATERIALS (this is a link)
Online Textbook
Use the following access code to registar online for the textbook. Please be sure to registar for the correct period!!
Period 1
Class/Group name: 1 - EGBio392
Class Access code: FED33D7DC78E92663AD7
Period 2
Class/Group name: 3EGBio392
Class Access code: 10097A8B183D68C353ED
Period 5Class/Group name: 5 - EGBio392
Class Access code: 65166B5E959D124BA1D3
Period 6Class/Group name: 6 - EGBio392
Class Access code: 9F4444F99F4081F27C94
If you have not registared yet and would like access to Quizlet, please use the following username and password
User name: egreiner
Password: udsd0910
For midterms follow these directions to get to the words for review:
1. log onto quizlet
2. search for "mmg27", then click on "mmg27"
3. scroll down to Groups on the right hand side of screen and click on "Biology 392"
4. enter the password "udbio392" in Join This Group
5. Each chapter's vocabulary words that will be on the midterm is listed